Which path should you choose in life?  This can become a question riddled with negativity and doubt. You will be second guessing yourself for the rest of your life if you let it.

It’s hard to find your passion in life and unfortunately it’s a very real thing that most people go their whole lives without finding their calling.

There are some main points you should keep in mind so you don’t take that elusive trip down this ever winding road.

  • The choices you make will determine the path you travel. Every single day we are faced with choices.  It may sound a little selfish, but you should always make choices that make you happy. There are plenty of unselfish acts you can perform that make us feel good about ourselves. Makes us feel fulfilled. Don’t do anything you have real doubts about. Trust your gut.
  • Listen to yourself. This is trusting your gut.  I know it can be very hard to do this sometimes, especially if your heart is screaming over your gut, but somehow you got to weave your way through.  Try making a pros and cons list.  List all the good things you can think of that would be if you made this decision, but make sure you do the flip side as well.
  • Create good habits. The more good habits you create the more they become a part of your outside world.  It’s sounds like some new age goofy nonsense but it truly is the real deal and it has been proven time and time again.  Whatever it is that you are focusing on inside will become a part of your world outside.  Pay attention to the feelings you are having and if they aren’t what you want change them.  You can change them with just a little bit of self-talk.  Remember it only takes a minimal effort to start a habit, but 30 days to form one.

“I used to be indecisive, but now I’m not so sure.”

That’s funny but true for some of us.  I say if there’s something you’re into, something you’re passionate about; go for it.  It doesn’t matter how wild or outlandish it is give it a try.  If you don’t try, then you go nowhere. You learn nothing.  And of course there’s that whole second guessing thing again.

Stick to the few simple things you can do here in this article and before you know it you may just find your direction.




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