How to Converse About Healthy Eating

Posted: August 13, 2011 in Eat Healthy
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I read a really great article on about how to start a conversation with someone about eating healthy.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell a loved one that they need to change their habits. You don’t wanna stand by and watch them dig their grave with a fork and spoon. I’ve had to do such a thing once and it wasn’t easy.

Here’s some tips from the article on what to say:

  • “I care about you and want you to live a healthy life.”
  • “There are simple things we can do, like eating oatmeal or whole-grain cereal for breakfast.”
  • “Let’s go grocery shopping together for healthy foods.”
You can read the rest of the article here.
If you are in a similar situation or if you know someone in a similar situation, have them read this article. Subscribe to and to my blog  Staying on top on your health is the best thing you can do for you.


What do you do to stay healthy or to help keep your loved ones healthy?



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