I just came across a great article: “Eat Healthy on a Budget“, really has some great tips on how to do just this. Click on above link to read full article.




Some great tips from the article include:

  • “It’s hard to beat eggs (14 cents per egg).” Great source of protein
  • “If you want to eat meat, a whole chicken ($1.29 per lb.)”
  • “Leafy greens and canned fish are also excellent sources of calcium.”
  • “Steer clear of “multigrain” products, which sound healthy but are made from refined grains.”  Stick to whole grains

Some guidelines I recommend is to cut down on your calorie intake from sugar and saturated fat, and up your intake of vitamin D, potassium, fiber, and calcium. Do this with Dairy Products, Fruits, Vegetables and vitamin supplements.



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