7 Tips to Beat Loneliness

Posted: August 19, 2011 in Well-Being
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Loneliness comes over all of us at times.  Here are some great steps to take to help beat loneliness.

  1. Go Outside:  Ride a bike.  Take a walk.  Just go be outdoors.  It’s a great way to take in your surroundings, have fun, and maybe meet some new people.
  2. Cook a Real Meal:  Take the time to cook a good meal.  Get involved in the recipe.  Treat yourself.  It’s also a great reason to find a dinner date.
  3. Be Creative:  Take a drawing class.  Write poetry.  Take up photography. Experiment with different art forms, find something that’s right for you. Expression is a great way to cope with loneliness.
  4. Exercise:  Exercise releases endorphin’s which make you feel good about yourself.  You’ll feel so good it will be easier for you to talk to and meet new people.  You will create a new level of self-confidence.  Join a gym, you will definitely meet people here.
  5. Do Some Traveling:  Find a friend or a family member, even if it’s just for a weekend, and get out-of-town.  Find nearby places that people come from all over to see.  Step outside of your comfort zone and do something you wouldn’t normally do alone by yourself.
  6. Start a Journal:  It’s a great way to things off your chest.  Pour out your emotions onto the paper then ask yourself why you feel that way.  Be your own self-help guide.
  7. Just Be:  Be still and do nothing.  Slow down, take your time.  Rushing around can become counterproductive.  Trying to always “be on the go” may erode our sense of purpose.  Stop and smell the roses.  Try meditation.  You’ll thank yourself.
*Don’t restrict your socializing to the Internet. Interacting with people face-to-face is more powerful at chasing the blues than words on the screen.

  1. Shannyn says:

    When I moved to a new city I didn’t know a soul. It helped a lot to go to online meetup groups that met around certain topics offline. I also got a dog from a rescue and that helped tremendously- not only did it give me some companionship but it was a great socialization tool with other dog owners when out for walks!

  2. marla parsons says:

    the journal thing is a good one….. i journal everyday.. and not on the computer….but the old fashioned way with a pen and paper 🙂 It really helps get things off your mind once you’ve written it out it doesn’t seem to haunt you quite as much.

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