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You can’t get ALL you want ALL the time, but you may get HALF you want SOME of the time. COMPROMISE. ~ WBIO

A little over a month ago I posted: “10 Things I’m Grateful for Everyday” and decided that I was gonna keep a list of at least 10 things everyday that I’m grateful for.. pretty self-explanatory. Although I slipped a day or two here in there, I done pretty well.

One of the stipulations in the my venture was that at the end of the said month I may or may not post the list.  Well… I’ve decided not to.  Some of the things on the list are private and should remain as such. LOL.. but it was a very gratifying experience to endure through.  I highly recommend you try something along these lines yourself.  Or come up with your own 30 day challenge and test yourself.

You may not always win, but you will discover things about yourself.

Well not entirely the neighborhood, but some are.  Destin, FL is about 4 hours or so from here and it is amazingly beautiful.

The sun-ray pictures though were taken on my run just around the block from the house.  Also check out “Sunset Challenge Photo”  That one was taken outside my front door.

Enjoy 😀

Well it still remains true. I’ve never met a job I liked. I’ve liked some of the things I’ve done, but just can’t think of one place I’ve worked where I’ve really enjoyed my time there.  That’s why I’m trying to create my own job.  Whatever that may be.

Also thinking about going back to school.  Finally finishing my degree.  Or possibly changing it up to something new.  Maybe Radiology.  Make some money and helping people in the process… sounds decent. I’ll keep you updated 🙂

The Clouds were on Fire!

View from my front door over the golf course.

Seen on a church sign during my bike ride home from work tonight:

“Seek the giver, not the gifts”.   

Even if you’re not religious this works on so many levels.  Complete agreeance from me on this one, church sign.

Life is only as hard as we let it be.  Sounds cliché.. but it’s true.  We punish ourselves when things don’t go right or when they don’t work out the way we want them to.  I’ve been guilty of this many, many times.  And I still catch myself doing it from time to time.  It’s easy to forget to not let things bother us.  We know certain things are coming, actually we attract them to ourselves… (that’s a whole other conversation that we need to have), and we bring them into existence.

Think about it, how many times have you fretted and worried over something happening so much and it has actually happened?  Crazy but true.  So if this has at least the slightest bit of basis in truth.. why can’t the opposite be the same?

It’s the Law of Attraction.  Likes attracts like.  This isn’t a new concept.  The greats over the years have been applying it in their lives and succeeding to no end.  Feels like it isn’t fair.  But the truth is we can do it too.  I’m just recently trying to use it and apply it to my life, and I’ve noticed small changes.. Actually I had to hit rock bottom before I was willing to accept the change.. (another conversation for another time we need to have, lol)  but I still have a lot to learn.

Try picking up this book  The Secret.  I picked it up a while back from amazon for a few bucks. Pretty good buy.  It gave me some helpful insights and new perspectives on life.  Or at least ways to look at it.  BTW, I’m not selling anything, just advice.  But it is a good product, so who knows.. one day I may hock it.. LOL.

Thanks for reading my rant… and maybe a little bit of advice thrown in.