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Just stumbled upon an article from with some great advice on boosting your mood when you are feeling down.

The hectic pace of modern life is enough to leave anyone feeling blue. Hectic schedules leave little time for relaxation and rejuvenation. Feeling blue affects not just your mind but can have physical effects as well. You may find that you are irritable and impatient as well as achy and fatigued. You may have trouble sleeping. A few, simple life changes, however, can improve your mood and keep those feelings of sadness at bay. Keep in mind that the following tips will be useful only for those suffering a temporary bout of sadness brought on by external stressors. If you are still feeling blue after two weeks and feel you are experiencing despair, hopelessness, or suicidal thoughts, you may be suffering from depression and should talk to a doctor. If, however, you are simply going through a challenging phase in your life that has left you a bit down in the dumps, try these simple tricks to bring the smile back to your face.

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Life is only as hard as we let it be.  Sounds cliché.. but it’s true.  We punish ourselves when things don’t go right or when they don’t work out the way we want them to.  I’ve been guilty of this many, many times.  And I still catch myself doing it from time to time.  It’s easy to forget to not let things bother us.  We know certain things are coming, actually we attract them to ourselves… (that’s a whole other conversation that we need to have), and we bring them into existence.

Think about it, how many times have you fretted and worried over something happening so much and it has actually happened?  Crazy but true.  So if this has at least the slightest bit of basis in truth.. why can’t the opposite be the same?

It’s the Law of Attraction.  Likes attracts like.  This isn’t a new concept.  The greats over the years have been applying it in their lives and succeeding to no end.  Feels like it isn’t fair.  But the truth is we can do it too.  I’m just recently trying to use it and apply it to my life, and I’ve noticed small changes.. Actually I had to hit rock bottom before I was willing to accept the change.. (another conversation for another time we need to have, lol)  but I still have a lot to learn.

Try picking up this book  The Secret.  I picked it up a while back from amazon for a few bucks. Pretty good buy.  It gave me some helpful insights and new perspectives on life.  Or at least ways to look at it.  BTW, I’m not selling anything, just advice.  But it is a good product, so who knows.. one day I may hock it.. LOL.

Thanks for reading my rant… and maybe a little bit of advice thrown in.

Holding a grudge is one of the worst things to do to your mental health.  Nobody wins.  What I’m suggesting is try to forgive, but do not forget.  Letting somebody beat you down or screw you over again and again is also very unhealthy.  If there is a person like that in your life it’s best just to let that person go and part ways.

“Separate yourself from fools.”  

A great way to help improve your mental health… it’s no secret…………………. OPEN A BOOK.   Here’s a great site that can help keep track of your progress, rate books and write reviews.

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